What We Do

We supply PEOPLE and PROCESS

We provide crews that are experienced in all types of devanning to come to your site. We are geared up to unload volumes of containers. Our crews will come with a certified forklift driver and MPI approved person.

Our experience includes the following types of unload:

  • Hand unload and palletise
  • Hand unload, sort, palletise
  • Hand unload, sort, cross dock
  • Palletised forklift unload
  • Slip sheet unload onto pallet
  • Drum unload with drum clamp
  • Load, handstacked, slipsheet

This is what we specialise in and our crews do this every day.

We can quote you a fixed rate, hourly rate, or combination. You can decide what will work best for you.

Logistics Plus is directly associated with the following companies:
Wright Recruitment and Distribution Ready

The association of our three companies gives us scaleability to react to demand, deploy labour, and provide a training platform to develop newly trained labour into the logistics industry. Give us a call. We can come to your site and work out the best method and pricing for you.

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